Our Services:
Supply of both Electronic Components & Mechanical Components

Smart Core Technologies offers solutions for Semi-Conductors, Active Components, Passive Components, Electro-Mechanical components. We can also assist you in your LED-OLED Display, Printed Circuit Board or Wireless Solutions Designs. Smart Core Technologies is ISO-9001 certified. We work according to the highest IPC standards. Components are packed and stored in conditioned environments. All components have track and trace labelling to the source of origin. Contact our multi-lingual staff and discuss with us your needs. We are pleased to help you optimise your supply chain to optimal excellence!

We provide mechanical components solutions

SCT - Print
Die-Casting Solutions
SCT - Component
Stamping Solutions
Electro-mechanical Solutions
SCT - Connector
Heat Sink Solutions
SCT - Ventilator
Injection Mold Solutions
SCT - CableAssy
Cable Assembly Solutions

Smart Core Technologies understands the difficulties the present electronic components market is giving you. Send Smart Core Technologies your message, and we are happy to discuss the best available solutions for your company. As a token of our appreciation of your trust in us, we offer you a one time 5% discount on your first purchase order with us!