Customer Feedback:
Supplying electronic components, but first we
Listen to our clients' needs, then we
Communicate the right solutions.

Customer feedback:

At Smart Core Technologies we believe that satisfied customers feel understood, and your issues are taken care of. Therefore our promise to you is to walk the extra mile! Supply Chain Management should be efficient. Smart Core Technologies works according to Lean Six Sigma principles. We understand Kaizen! Our processes to support you are constantly being updated and improved. Also our staff believes that good communication is key to understand what matters to you! Drop us an email, and we are happy to partner with you to optimise your electronic components supply.
Customer Richard


Easy, one stop shop! No complications, No hassles!
Customer Adam

CFP Supply Chain Management

What else can I say: This works!
Customer Li Ling
Li Ling


No problems with alternative parts. With their competitive pricing and lead times also comes the second source suggestion. Truly easy to have at hand!
Customer Rodney


A company who knows how the electronic supply chain is moving the globe!
Customer Simone


I would recommend Smart Core Technologies to everybody. No long discussions. Everything understood from the start.
Customer Mariah

Financial Controller

They even put my annual stock on shelve in the Shenzhen warehouse without exorbitant fees and pricing difficulties!
Customer Otto

Hardware Engineer

They helped me out when I was short in supply of difficult to get components.
Customer Xandrine

Software Engineer

Interesting how they know about the latest technologies.
Customer Yip

Senior Purchaser

So Easy; send them your BOM, tell them your annual quantity and a competitive proposal – including true lead times - follows within a working day!
Customer Vincent

Supply Chain Manager

I should have thought of it before; “CPEQ” their Contract Payment End of Quarter is truly the solution to my supply bottleneck.
Customer Damian


They helped me out with in depth technical knowledge. This is truly a partner, understanding how to help in the right areas.
Customer John


Fast, Genuine, Competitive and Clear!