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Smart Core Technologies is a leading supplier of electronic components. We understand the present market conditions where supply cannot keep up with demand. Because of the present component market situation, we work more than ever closely together with our global suppliers to be able to meet your demands. Please tell us about your various needs for active components, passive components, semi-conductors, electro-mechanical components which are tight in supply. At Smart Core Technologies we would like to think together with you as how to satisfy your needs for an optimal supply chain management in your manufacturing enterprise!

We deliver genuine electronic components at competitive prices to our global customers on time! We deliver as we promise on time! Would you like to know more about on time delivery? Please drop us an email. Smart Core Technologies would be more than happy to discuss solutions that satisfy your needs!

What do our customers say about us?

At Smart Core Technologies we believe that satisfied customers feel understood, and your issues are taken care of. Therefore our promise to you is to walk the extra mile! Supply Chain Management should be efficient. Smart Core Technologies works according to Lean Six Sigma principles. We understand Kaizen! Our processes to support you are constantly being updated and improved. Also our staff believes that good communication is key to understand what matters to you! Drop us an email, and we are happy to partner with you to optimise your electronic components supply.

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